Multi-Wan to Lan and 2 VLAN

  • Hello I have the following and cannot figure out how to set it up.  I have a single cable modem with 3 dynamic IPs.  I go from the modem to a DMZ switch from the switch I use 3 of the 4 connections on my pfsense box as WANs (igb0, igb1, igb2), and the last (igb3) is my LAN that is connected to an unmanaged 16 port switch.  What I am trying to do is to assign each dynamic IP to a different section on the LAN.  Section 1 is user group 1, section 2 is user group 2, and section 3 is the Wi-Fi.  All sections are currently using the default DHCP (LAN) server.  I am looking for direction on how to set the system up to allow me to let all sections see shared resources like a printer and file server, but use different public IPs to access the internet.  Any help would be great.

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