Dual Lan setting question

  • Hi, I use en 1.2 Release with this configuration.

    WAN(static)–-----\                      /--- LAN (
                              \                  /
                                -- pfsense--
    DMZ(static)-------/                    --- LAN2 (

    Before pfSense, I use "shorewall" on Linux and there are someting I do not know how to do for now.
    I would like to define a kind of zone which are composed of LAN + LAN2.
    So, I could define all my rules for this zone instead of configuring my rules for LAN and the same for LAN2 because my real LAN network is LAN + LAN2

    I thought of bridging man LAN2 with my LAN, but I will lose the IP adresse which is needed for the LAN2.

    If someone has already done this kind of configuration witout duplicate all the common rules, could you help me please ?

    Thanks a lot

  • You'll have to create the duplicate rules but there is something that makes copying them a bit easier. Let's say you have set them up all at LAN, hit the +-icon next to a rule, which will give you a copy of that rule. Simply change the interface in that rule from lan to lan2 and the copy of that rule will appear on the lan2 tab, unless you want to manually copy, paste, replace sections in the config.xml (which might be even faster with lots of rules).

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