Support for Tilera based packet processing cards in pfSense

  • Hello everyone,

    I want to know if we will see perhaps at one day the pfSense support of those packet
    processing cards to speed up massively VPN, DPI and IDS/IPS tasks and being able to
    stopping better DDoS attacks, sniffing deeper inside IP packets for P2P, Viruses, malware
    and so on. Tilera Packet Processing Card

    Lanner was also assembling such a card based on this Tilera GX chip sets that would be
    fitting in 4 times inside of the Lanner FW-8895 appliance. Lanner NCS-MTX401

    Perhaps I am alone with this wish but perhaps not really or there are other options
    to use with pfSense I am not really knowing related to the same points and/or options.

    Would nice to hear what you all thinking about.