• I would like to use a thumb drive to hold the software and settings.

    I used the Beta 2 Live CD to do this but couldn't get it to boot.

    Any idea what I did wrong?



  • You ran option 99 to install it to the thumbrdive? Did it detect the drive as install target? Also does your Hardware support boot from USB?
    Where exactly does it fail?

  • My thumb drive was detected  and I used option 99 to do the install. I was unsure if I should specify "packet" so I didn't.

    My PC is capable of booting from a USB device, in fact the BIOS lists several types (USB CDROM, USB floppy, etc.) and I tried all of them. I'm at work right now so I don't recall the exact message but it was something along the line of no boot device.

  • Try the packet mode option. I need to set it for my cf-cards in ide-adaptor too.