Question regarding setup and installation

  • I am not sure if I am in the right area or not but wanted to get an idea of how i could use pfsense.  I have a network setup for our church and they are wanting to open wireless up to guests/members.  My current setup was inherited and done with layer2 switches.  I am converting over to using a Cisco 2800 series router along with some Cisco Layer3 gigabit switches.  The Wifi AP's we use are the Unifi UAP-Pro's which will do bandwidth limiting but I want to filter out video streaming and what not as well for guests/members.  This is why I started looking at doing a transparent proxy with squid, dansguardian/squidguard and pfsense.  From what I have read pfsense is setup using 2 NICs, one for LAN and one for WAN.  Below is my setup or at least will be:

    Cisco 2800 router - 1 public static IP from Time Warner
                                - (internal network)

    Wifi SSIDs
        - Private SSID using - This is for Pastors and people who work at the church.  I don't plan on filtering there traffic, I want to leave it wide open
        - Public SSID using - Would like to filter this traffic so that they can't do video streaming (Netflix, Youtube, etc) and possibly audio streaming as well.

    Server running ESXI 5.5 - 2 Quad Core processors - 72gig ram
        - Domain Controller VM
        - Pfsense VM - (not setup yet but planned on installing if it works out that way)
        - Debian Linux VM - Wifi Controller runs here

    Once I switch over to the Layer3 switches I will be able to associate and configure VLAN tagging on the AP's for the Public and Private SSID's.  Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this setup?

    Thanks in Advance