Remote clients sometime work

  • I'm having a very odd issue. I have remote users who can sometimes connect (VPN or direct to servers behind pfSense firewall) and sometimes cannot. At first I though it was a provider issue, but we have ruled that out. I'm fairly sure it's the pfSense box because there are 2 WAN connections into it. I had a user experiencing the issue. He could not ping either WAN address and trace routes would fail at the hand-off from our ISP's to the firewall. The user was connected an hour or so earlier, then could not. Nothing on the pfSense box changed in that time. Since it was after hours, we could experiment a bit. I tried resetting states, changing the rules, relaxing the firewall, but nothing would help. Interestingly, the user has 2 ISP's, one was working this whole time, the other was not. I then rebooted pfSense and magically the user could connect from both ISP's to both WAN addresses.

    I'm stumped how to even try to diagnose. I'm running 2.1.5. None of the system resources or bandwidth were over 5% utilized.

    Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated. I do not have any way to reproduce the issue, so it making it even harder to find.


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    I would suggest to upgrade to 2.2.1 or latest 2.2.2 snapshot (amd64/i386). Noone's fixing anything in 2.1.x, dead.

    Other than that, without some firewall logs (or traffic captures if that fails) showing the issue, dunno what advise you can expect.

  • Thank you. I am planning an upgrade. I was hoping maybe it was a known issue that would be resolve with upgrade.

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