MultiWan - Redirecting traffic

  • Hey i currently have 2 isps

    1.Amnet (DSL)
    2.VividWireless (WiMAX)

    DSL upload in Australia is limited to 1mbit but vividwireless upload is over 4mbit
    i want to use DSL for download and WiMAX for upload
    anyway on doing this in Pfsense?
    ive looked but can't find much

  • No. You'll have different IP addresses on both WANs. WiMAX won't allow a DSL IP address to flow out from their network.

    Additionally when a connection is made, PFSense has no way of knowing that you are planning to upload a large amount of data.

  • Thanks for the reply, is this possible with multi-lan ports on WinServer2012? 1lan down, 1lan up?

    I really want to utilize the upload on WiMAX

  • It won't work. TCP isn't designed to work with multiple different IP addresses with a single connection.

  • I really want to utilize the upload on WiMAX

    Set up load balancing together with policy based routing and then you
    will have a better benefit from both lines and all is running well for you.

  • If you can identify the uploads in some way (e.g. have static-mapped IP addresses for some LAN clients where you do the uploads, or if it is big attachments on sending emails then match the SMTP… port number/s) then you can make policy-routing rules that will match that traffic and put it on the WiMax link.

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