• Hi pfSense users,

    I have installed bind package for pfSense  and correctly block sites like youtube.com. The question is, Is there a way to allow specific IP's to access youtube in bind?  Thanks

  • Bind provides internet name services, which is not the best way of going about blocking specific sites for certain hosts. Unless you want to use a proxy (Squid) then the best way to do this would be to remove the dummy entry for YouTube in Bind and simply add the URL as an alias in your firewall rules and block it for specific hosts. If you go this route you'll have to assign static addresses to your internal client machines - otherwise the rule will fail when the IP address for each internal host is re-assigned.

  • Hi muswellhillbilly,

    I also tried blocking youtube by adding an alias and added a rules but it doesn't work..If I block youtube through rules some sites associated with it like gmail or google drive will also get block…Also, each machines is configured with static IP address..I can block youtube through DNS forwarders but I have to allow specific users to access..Any ideas how to make this happen?

  • Your DNS forwarder is acting on behalf of the whole of your network, so unless you want to split your networks and run different DNS servers on each network then I'd consider an alternative. As I mentioned before, if you can't use firewall rules to specify who has and doesn't have YouTube access then the only other solution is a proxy server, such as Squid.

    There may well be links in Google/Gmail which point to YouTube, but the worst that should happen there is that you get broken links. I can view my own Gmail account without any trouble if I block YouTube. Whether you block YouTube via DNS, a proxy or through firewall rules the effect is the same on any other sites which might link through to it.

  • I have squid too but it can not block youtube https…Not sure why..Any other solution how to block YT per user?