IPSEC slow speed

  • Hello,

    (at first, sorry for my bad English) ;-)
    I've virtual pfsense 2.2 installed on vmware.

    I use 1 pfsense as master firewall.
    I connect on this firewall using openvpn.

    Then this firewall is connected to 6 others pfsense using ipsec
    each time i have :
    1 *  phase 1
    9 *  phase 2 for the vlans.

    The problems is, the connexion is working perfectly with 4 other pfsense. But with the 2 others I have slow performance on the IPSEC connexions (+- 50 Kbs)

    Does anyone have seens this problem?

    Thanks for your answer.


  • Same ISP?
    Same Phase 1 and phase 2 configs? or different algos? (heavier encryption)
    Same internal hardware/switches?

    How did you test your throughput?

  • Enabling MSS clamping (VPN>IPsec, Advanced tab) at 1400 is a good thing to try.

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