Redirect Port 80 traffic of LAN to my external squid

  • I am not a bsd guy and I'm having a hard time fixing the squid error after upgrading to 2.2. I am looking for options and the one option that I have is to redirect traffic of port 80 to an external squid server. I will be setting up a squid server but I need to know first how will I redirect all port 80 request from the pfsense going to the squid server.

    I am assuming that I will need to configure the traffic forwarding to Firewall->NAT->Port Forward. Am I correct? I'm thinking of the rules below.

    Interface: LAN
    Source: LAN Net
    Destination: Any
    Destination Port: 80
    Redirect Target IP: squidserver:8080

    Is the rules above correct?

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    Looks fine to me.

  • Did it work?
    I'm on the path and see how to make this works.

  • Bump.  I'd also like to know if this worked.