PFSense 2.2.1 NAT issues with VoIP.

  • Hello everyone,

    We are using 16 Cisco SIP phone's in combination with an PFsense modem.
    The 16 phones is making contact to a hosted platform. Which is using port 5060 for SIP and ports 10000 – 20000 for RTP.

    The problem is that there occurs one-way audio. They can’t hear us anymore. So that will be an firewall problem.

    The things I have already done;

    • Changed “Firewall Optimization Options” to “conservative”.
    • Configured portforward for all the phones.
    • Configured “NAT outbound” to “manual” and added the phone’s IP addresses.
    • Installed “Siproxd”. But don’t really know how to configure this correctly.

    I’m hoping that someone has some tips and could help me.