• I am trying to install pfsense on a cisco aironet 2602i. What would be the best method to accomplish this? Having only ever installed pfsense on a desktop I'm at a loss; and cannot locate anything on the forum about this. Can this be transferred to the device via tftp like an ios upgrade and run? What, if any, method can be used to turn this device into what I want it to be? Thanks to all who reply :)

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    pfSense® software has the flexibility to be installed on a wide range of hardware, but it is currently supported only on the x86 architecture. The types of devices supported range from embedded devices to rack mounted servers.

    Since network environments differ dramatically, determining the exact hardware sizing for your pfSense deployment can be difficult, but the following will provide some base guidelines on choosing which hardware is sufficient for your installation.

  • Thanks for the direction! :)

    Bummer though its not compatible just for anyone else interested.