• I passed all the right ports to allow the XBOX to tag XBOX live; however, when I first turn on the XBOX - it says there is a XBOX internet error, sends me to check the XBOX Live setup, it runs its test, and then passes - I then can go back to my login page and login again. This is very annoying for my little ones that want to play Kinect games - I get the Dad internet fail again - every time they turn it on. If that wasn't annoying enough - my Sony Blueray keeps wanting me to verify that Blueray to Netflix. I cannot use my Blueray to run my Netflix app. The last update shutdown my internet down all together - so I just got frustrated and plugged everything back into my router - boom - no issues with XBOX and my wife is able to watch Netflix on the Blueray. So I'm missing something - I really have no clue why the PFSense would shutdown my devices like this.

    The only packages that I have installed is Squid - I figured the proxy would be good to have. Its basically just has the port forwards for the XBOX - pretty much a virgin install. Any ideas to point me in the right direction. I figured I would resurrect this project - I really want to implement this for its faster routing.



  • Hello,

    please build a DMZ and place the Xbox and the BluerayPlayer then there inside.
    And use then the Squid Proxy only for the entire LAN or your Servers.

    So you do not need;

    • open to many ports to the entire LAN
    • the both devices will not be affecting the entire LAN if an error occurs
    • the DMZ will be reachable from the LAN side and from the VPN over the Internet