• Heyo. I've got a few questions concerning the use of pfSense in a RADIUS wireless and wired setup.

    I've been tasked with setting up a network that utilizes a FreeRADIUS and DaloRADIUS Ubuntu server behind a pfSense box. I've managed to get wireless RADIUS up and running through UniFi APs.
    I am now also asked if I can also set up wired RADIUS. The problem is that there are no managed switches at the client site, and we would prefer to find a software solution rather than having to invest in managed switches.

    Is it possible then to have the pfSense box function as a wired authenticator for the external RADIUS server?

    For additional information, the reason we switched to 802.1x authentication is because our clients no longer want to log in through a captive portal every time they connect.

  • 802.1x authentication takes place between the client and the switch directly. pfSense will not be involved in the process. Managed switches are mandatory for this I'm afraid.