Route traffic from openvpn roadwarrior over ipsec tunnel

  • hello at all,

    i have successfully configured a site to site ipsec tunnel. Here are some information about that:

    • Site A (
    • Site B (
    • OpenVPN network ( –> is connecting to pfsense on Site A.

    Both pfsense firewalls use the version 2.2.1.

    When i connect via OpenVPN to the pfsense firewall on Site A, i can reach the network of site a (
    Now i want to reach the network of site b ( over the OpenVPN connection.
    When i do a tracert from the openvpn roadwarrior i get the result that the pfsense on site a routes the traffic over the default gateway (wan) instead of the ipsec tunnel.

    I added the local networks of the sites a and b to the openvpn config and tested it with a "route print" on the roadwarrior openvpn client.

    How can i route the traffic which is intended for site b over the ipsec tunnel?

    Thanks in advance