• Hi!  I'm running pfSense on a VMware esxi server.  I have a 18gb ssd provisioned to it, 2gb RAM, and 4 vCPU's.  The network card to the WAN is an Intel 82574L Gigabit that is attached to a vmware vswitch and just shared to the pfsense VM.  The only service I have running on it is snort and utilization is barely over 15% at any given time.  Memory on it is about 40% free, and the states are usually about .2k and some spikes at  .6k and .8k.

    When running speedtests, my download speed averages ~60Mbps while the upload averages ~8Mbps.  When plugged directly into the cable modem, I get 60/10 and even 60/12.  Speedtests are run on another virtual machine inside the same box that is connected to the "LAN side of the vswitch.

    Does anybody know what to look for into why the upload is always 2 to 4 Mbps lower than what I should be seeing?  Download is fine and it's always the upload.  I have the NIC set to '1000/Full' and 'auto-configure'.  The driver that vmware is using is e1000 for the guest machine (pfsense).


  • I ended up changing the vmware nic's from the e1000 to vmxnet3.  When doing this, pfsense blew up and wouldn't boot anymore.  Tried to change it back, but it didn't work.  I honestly think something happened when I upgraded from 2.2 to 2.2.1.

    I ended up reinstalling and restoring the config.  It broke the system again, and then did a fresh install and only chose options that I knew were safe (like firewall rules, dhcp, dns, etc).  I didn't choose the packages or system, or parts I didn't use.  I am now back up and running, and the speeds are about 60/12.