Preserve RRD Graphs (Reinstalling 2.2 Fresh)

  • Hello,

    I have had issues with squid icap and clamav with ICAP errors on the HTTP interface. I have tried a bunch of configurations and a lot of people's advice on the forum and have come to the conclusion that something is amiss. I just want to preserve my data. Will a fresh install of 2.2 accept the configuration of my current 2.2 setup or should I avoid this to not reintroduce any faulty .conf files. Is there any way to preserve settings or to reimport only the settings that are safe like IP tables.


  • You can save and backup your RRD stats separately.

    Diagnostics->Backup/Restore->Backup configuration, then change the "Backup area" from "ALL" to "RRD Data".

  • Thank you,

    I did not realize it could be backed up piece by piece. I did so with the utility and the option for not keeping package information. I am not sure what that entails but I assume I just want the configurations.