I am behind a firewall

  • Dear Forum,
    How are you doin' ? Guess i am new here but i'll like to thank all of you for taking the time out to pt up a site like this.
    Just want to know if there's a way to bypass a router which all it's ports are blocked except for 80 and 81. I had wanted to do VOIP but my hardphones wont register , i had even tried using voiptunnel but same old story. I really will like to know if there is a solution.

  • No.
    What you are after is tunneling.
    You will have to take this to the supportchannel of your VOIP provider.

  • Not sure if your provider offers IAX instead of SIP. IAX is much more likely to work behind firewalls/NAT (are you absolutely sure that you only have these 2 ports open? that really sucks). Maybe just download a softclient using IAX to test if they offer it. If that works you might be able to setup an asterisk server that is linked to the other server through IAX and register your hardphones with SIP at your local asterisk.

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