Intel Celeron J1900 vs. AMD A4-5000 for VPN Gateway

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    I'm currently running OpenVPN on my VPS (100 Mbit/s) and I use the client software installed on my main computer to ensure an encrpyted connection. However, I planned to buy a small computer which basically acts as a wireless access point routing the traffic encrypted over the VPN connection. This way I can have multiple clients connected without the need of the OpenVPN client software being installed. Maybe there are going to be more OpenVPN servers I'll be running in the future, in which case I may want to broadcast multiple SSIDs which route the traffic to the multiple VPN servers. My bandwidth at home is 50/10 Mbit/s (up/down). There's going to be only one user with occasional larger downloads, so I won't have heavy 24/7 usage. So I figured one of these SoCs with an Intel Celeron J1900 or AMD A4-5000 would be sufficient.

    While searching for the Celerons, my attention was drawn to this forum. Yet, I barely found any mention of the A4-5000. I assume for my use case there would not really be a noticeable difference. Still, I try to get the most out of my money. Also the lack of the AES-NI extension was mentioned several times regarding the J1900 and OpenVPN. This is one thing the A4-5000 supports.

    Getting a little more specific: Choosing between the ASRock Q1900DC-ITX and the ASRock QC5000-ITX/PH, which one is the preferable in my situation?

    Unfortunately I don't see anything with Intel NICs in my price range and I will probably use the PCIe slots for a WiFi adapter.

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  • I am also very interested in hearing the opinions on these boards as I am also looking at the AMD A4-5000.  Bump :)

  • both will do the job. the gigabyte board has two realtek nics while the asrock only has one. you need to add a network card of some type to the amd board.

    get some ebay intel network cards, or a single card with two ports.

    personally, i would go athlon 5350 and asus am1 as it unofficially supports ecc ram. i would use the intel ebay cards on same.