PFSense "looses" Route - and then remembers after edit/save the route.

  • Greetings all

    No flame throwers please if I'm being dumb!

    Using: 2.1.5-RELEASE (i386)

    Have a static route set to with a gateway pointing to

    (this routes a VPN network)

    Every now and again - random frequency (between many days and many weeks) the route suddenly stops working.

    Route still listed in gui @ system_routes.php

    Route still listed in diag_routes.php

    To fix it -I goto edit the route in the GUI - system_routes_edit.php?id=0 -  and then hit SAVE - and bingo the route starts working again

    I can reboot the router too and this fixes it.

    Very very weird.  Any ideas as our VPN users are giving me "static"…......maybe known and I should upgrade to 2.2.1-RELEASE (available for me to update to)

    Thanks in advance!


  • Yeah - this stumped me too.

    I managed a work around by removing the gateway and the static route - and added a cronjob to prod the route back in every 5 mins….

    /sbin/route add -net

    Seems to work so far!  :D

    Love pfsense.........try doing that on a Ci$co!  8)

    (maybe you can.....errr....I'm not sure).  CCNA lost in the post!

  • It's still listed in Diag>Routes with the same gateway IP? If it even lets you run the "route add" command without an error, there isn't a matching route there. Where there is, it'll just spit out "route: writing to routing socket: File exists".

    Something elsewhere in your configuration is deleting the route. Maybe OpenVPN, or a dynamic routing protocol. Or maybe a virtual IP configured that overlaps with that static route. You'll definitely want to find and fix the root cause, adding a route every 5 minutes is a bad hack, and needing to do so indicates you have a config problem somewhere.