• I am looking to build a cheap home router that will handle 120mbps OpenVPN connection.

    I am thinking about going with AMD Sempron
    Does anyone have any experience with these CPUs? I see they have AES-NI which is a bonus and it would be a much cheaper set up then the atom2550s.

    Also would you have a good recommendation for at mini ITX board for this CPU?

  • I'm doing fine with an AMD but my Intel is also nice.

    Its up to you.  I think most modern 4 core systems will be fine.

    However,  I think openvpn is essentially core locked.  1 process runs on 1 core (or thread) I believe.

    I mention this because I'd bet my old intel running at 4GHZ and 4 cores will smoke these newer lower clocked processors with openvpn.

    Its drinking lots of power though.  I think the big numbers with the rangley boards is being achieved with IPsec.

  • If you have a notebook available to be repurposed that can be a really inexpensive route (pun).  And as a bonus includes UPS and console.