• i have a lot of aliases on my lan iface. all works ak when  i add them to /usr/local/etc/rc.d as a script that simply
    ifconfig em0 alias ip/28

    but now i must delegate some net to my subrouter.
    there i got an error. couse pfsense loads routing table from file before executing script with aliases. so i ought to add new script that will load routes correctly.
    maybe i do something wrong ?
    can i add aliases for iface not in my script but throw web iface ?

  • You are performing unsupported operations here as you run ifconfig commands from the shell. A lot of things are reconfigured by running certain changes from the webgui. You should try to work ONLY with the wengui when configuring your system or you most likely will end up with something broken or something that will get overwritten sooner or later.

  • ok.
    how can i create alias via web iface ?

  • Use the options found at firewall>virtual IPs.

  • yes i know about that feature, but i need not to nat to this ips, but i have to make it local so i can see their mac and as i can see in web face i can make only single ip

    may be it some type of carp ? i'm not familar with it
    usualy i make alias by ifconfig

  • The "alias" VIP-type will be in pfSense 1.1. CARP only works if the additional IP is in the same subnet of the real interface IP. If that is the case it should work. You'll need additional firewall rules for the CARP IPs to allow this traffic depending on the rules of the Interface the additional IP is configured on.