Migrate from physical to ESXi

  • I have a box running Purely PfSense. Physical box.
    Running smoothly and fine.

    i3 processor and 16GB ram.
    2 NIC cards.
    1TB HDD

    I wanted to know whats the best way to copy / clone / migrate the physical PfSense setup and then import it into the ESXi.

    I want to backup Pfsense / wipe the box install ESXi and bung PfSense back in there.
    I want to run some other OS alongside PfSense as this box is always on obviously.

    Any ideas and / or suggestions before i think of embarking on this ?

  • Note down the interfaces and their purposes exactly
    Dump the config
    Wipe the box
    Install ESXi
    Create the networking (vSwitches)
    Enable allow Promiscuous mode on the vSwitches that pfSense might need it
    Create a new VM (FreeBSD 64 bit) with the correct number of NICs (VMXNET3)
    Copy the pfSense ISO to the datastore
    Mount the ISO and boot off it
    Note the MAC addresses of the vNICs and which vSwitch they are connected to
    Install as usual
    At the console set at least the LAN address
    Connect your browser to it
    Restore the config
    Re-assign the interfaces
    Job done


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