PfSense suitable for SMB deployments?

  • I use pfSense as my home hardware firewall.

    Do any of you use it for clients?  I've noticed many small medical offices who contract out for their network support use  hardware firewalls from Cisco.  I think pfSense would be a great and less expensive alternative, even with licensing fees for blacklists, etc.

    Any comments? Suggestions?

    Clark Venable

  • @jclarkv:

    Do any of you use it for clients?

    There are lots of different usage scenarios in the field up to datacenter deployments.
    Since you already use pfSense yourself you know that it is a great option for SMBs as well, don't you!

  • What to say? It's a secure firewall product, it works, it is free, and if another 1,000 small medical offices, small businesses… all signed up for Gold at $US99 per year, that would be another $US99,000 that would help ESF run the web site, forum, download/package servers, pay developers...
    Seems a good idea to me!

  • YES….

  • We moved to pfSense exclusively….Will only sell/install ASA's if client demands it.  Have close to 40 client sites using them now....We also buy 100% of our boxes directly from the project....Saves us a ton of time and supports the project.  8)

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