Installation fails

  • I am trying to install pfSense 2.2.1 64 bit on an MSI motherboard (K8T NEO2) with an AMD 3200+ processor, SATA HD and IDE CD.

    During the installation process, I keep on getting the following error messages. I have trying burning 3 times the image, same results.

    Ultimately, the installation completes, but upon rebooting, the system hangs at the prompt.

    Any suggestions?


  • You would want to change that CD drive you are using.
    From my own experience, optical drives go bad pretty quickly.
    You can try changing media brand, but probably it's best to swap the drive itself.


  • hi renatohpc

    As Escorpiom said, the CD go bad quickly.

    I was wondering if the USB PEN installation could be a workaround in your scenario case.

    I looked up onto the MOBO web site and the MANUAL have NOT a word about the USB in the BOOT PRIORITY section.

    That let me believe that is not supported. But a Try cost you nthing else than time.

    But what the read of the manual have poped up is that fact that the MOBO is NOT 64 bit compliant and since you picked up a x86_64 image to install it could lead to further problems…

    Have fun.

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