PfSense with ddwrt and fiber internet

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    So im new to pfsense im growing fond of it. I have been working alot of ddwrt and love the software but the best part of pfsense is the logs and the site blocking. I have a quick question if anyone could help me? I have not done this setup but was wondering if its possible.

    Fiber internet connected to my r7000 nighthawk (wan port is vlan for internet to work) then have dhcp server off, NAT, and firewall off but i would leave the wan port on getting the external ip of the lsp. The router ip would be then subnet then gateway and dns would be ( i have an active directory on windows server).

    Then connect the nighthawk from lan port 1 to the computer that has installed pfsense. That computer has then subnet then gateway Would i Configure differently the pfsense or configure normally from a normal tutorial guide? Would This setup work?  Would I be able to still filter everything though pfsense like blocking webpages and creating vpns? And lastly would it better installed on a virtual machine or on a physical old computer?

    I created a picture to maybe help understand better

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  • Is there a reason you are putting the wifi router on the edge? I would put pfSense on the edge and use the wifi router as an AP. This would be a much simpler setup.

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    Thank you for your quick reply

    allright lets say i connect the the modem of my lsp provider (fiber) connect to the pfsense computer. Would i need to buy a specific NIC? for the fiber or create a vlan? Also for the NIC i need to have 2 one that is WAN and the other that is LAN?

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  • Generally a pfSense box should have two NICs. One for the WAN and one for the LAN. You can add more NICs or play around with vlans if you want but for a home use case two interfaces is all you need unless you are doing something a bit outside the "typical home user" category.

    Any NIC that works with BSD should work, most people around here seem to really like Intel Server NICs as they are very high quality and well supported by BSD.

  • Thanks again for helping me

    So its a medium size home office (15 comps) with fiber internet. So if i understood correctly i can connect the pfsense box (wan port ) to the modem (fiber internet) then connect to the router (lan port)? But dont i have to configure the wan port on pfsense to read the fiber? I know if it was dsl i would not have a problem but im just shaky on the fiber part and i must need a special NIC to read fiber probably?

    Thank you

  • Definitely I would use pfSense as Router/Firewall and let R7000 act as AP only. It is exactly my setup and works fine. the best setup I ever had.

    How do you connect fiber modem to R7000?
    It is recommended you add a second NIC to your PC (if you don't have any spare ethernet port). The first used as WAN (connected to fiber modem) the second one, used as LAN, connected to R7000 in AP mode (for that purpose, stock FW is better than DD-WRT).

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    I connect the R7000 to the modem fiber with vlaning the WAN port. I also like the ddwrt because in the future i would like to do more vlans and im fond of ddwrt. But thank you again i will try to see if i buy 2 network intel adapters then configure them in pfsense one with wan port and the other Lan port and will let you know how it goes with fiber internet.

    Thank you

  • pfSense will do vlans just fine. In fact it will do everything DD-WRT does and then some.

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