MultiWAN Internet problems

  • Hello guys,

    I have MultiWAN problem with Internet connection my setup is:

    1. xdsl modem in bridge mode - pfsense have PPPOE dialer - Static IP - working perfect
    2. cable mode in bridge mode - pfsense have LT2P dialer - Static IP - working perfect

    When the pfsense dial he get the static IP from my ISP on both lines but the only line that have internet connection is my xdsl line.
    So when i take my xdsl down my cable dialer gets down. If i leave my xdsl up and working my cable is up an running i can ping from him to
    But when i try to route my network to my cable modem i don't have any internet connection.

    Someone told me that my routing is not working but when i check it everything was configured great.

    anyone have any idea? did i explain my problem well?

  • some ISP's dont like it when people use other dialers except their own…

    spoof your cables modem MAC address to pfSense and try it ...
    maybe you will get lucky otherwise its propably a routing issue post lan / wan details....

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