Multiple DHCP IP's on WAN

  • Hello everyone,

    I am looking for some creative ways to pull this off…

    I have an ISP that will allow me to have 2 IP addresses,  but only if i DHCP request both of them.  I am hoping there is some "creative" solution that would allow PFsense to request an additional IP using a virtual interface of some type so that it will hold the lease and i can use it for port forwards similarly to if I were setting up a bunch of statics..

  • It's not possible through the GUI.
    You "could" buy a cheap NAT router and put it in front of a second interface (or the LAN).

    Alternatively you can hack yourself some alias-type VIP's. But thats not supported.

    Or just look that you can get those IP's static ;)
    Then you can use PARP or CARP VIPs :)

  • It would look like this:

                        /                      pfSense LAN ----- clients/server
    ISP-Link----- switch -------------------WAN

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