States of different nic reset when other gateway down.

  • After an upgrade from 2.1.4 to 2.2.1 I face the following issue;

    When a gateway goes down (which happens too fast by default in 2.2.1, but that's another (apinger) issue), all states of the pfsense machine seem to reset.

    Not just the states dependent on the gateway which goes down seem to reset, but the states of all the interfaces.

    For example; when streaming a shoutcast stream wan -> lan, and opt1 goes down (pull rj45), the shoutcast stream is interrupted.

    I use pfsense for 7 years, but this behavior is new to me  :)

    The System: Advanced: Miscellaneous: Gateway Monitoring: State Killing on Gateway Failure    is disabled, but even when this is enabled this shouldn't cause this problem.

    hw: soekris net6501-70 with 8 nics.

  • Banned

    Let me guess… you bridged all of them?  ::)

  • You guessed wrong  :) But thanks for the reply. During 7 years of pfsense usage i did pick up a thing or two ;)

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