PfSense on N54L

  • Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how pfSense would perform on a virtual machine on esxi running on a HP N54L with 16GB ram and dual intel ethernet ports? Thank you.

  • I tried this setup with an N36L and 8GB of RAM and it worked well for a small home network. The N54L and double the RAM would work even better. Initially the pfSense VM was allocated only 2GB of memory and it still worked well (but keep an eye on resource usage if you add more packages like Squid).

    PS: the Microservers don't support IOMMU, so don't try to connect your network card to the VM using passthrough.

  • turion cpus,etc are not ideal for pfsense. better to use it for a nas with xpenology or freenas,etc and build something else for pfsense

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