How to design network for VM?

  • I have only one public IP such as
    Does create two virtual NIC with bridge mode in vmware ?

    Could you give me idea for network design?

  • What exactly are you trying to achieve?

  • @azzido:

    What exactly are you trying to achieve?

    My purpose can remote access through L2TP/IPSEC and then back out to the Internet.

    Or buy a Linksys LRT214 VPN router directly ?

    Which is better performance between PFSense and  Linksys LRT214 ??

  • If all you want is a proxy style VPN then pfSense just needs one NIC, the WAN, and a VPN set up to tunnel all client traffic and NAT it out of the WAN interface.

    However I would recommend having a LAN interface so you can manage pfSense without allowing WAN traffic to reach the web GUI.

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