Moved server - transfer logs?

  • Hi,
    I've just moved Pfsense to a new server and also upgraded to latest version. All seems to be working ok.
    However, I do not have the old stats / logs.
    How do I go about transferring these over? for bandwidthd etc.

    Thank you

  • i've already upgraded to 2.2 on a new server, and copied config across. I'm after the log files and I cant see that info in that guide ?

  • Log files (here: /var/log) have some kind of binary format.
    I don't know if these can be recopied from one install to another - it would be surprised me if an in-place upgrade wouldn't simply wipe them.

    They are NOT stored in the config.xml storage file.

  • There are at least thee different things, and different types of logs, that you may be talking about.  Can't tell without more info.

    Bandwidthd data files (*.cdf) are stored in /usr/pbi/bandwidthd-amd64/local/bandwidthd. (Adjust if needed for i386).  To move those, I first would install bandwidthd on the new server, then copy the old *cdf files as well as the old etc/bandwidthd.conf to the new system.  Files in htdocs should be created as needed.

    System log files are binary in a 'circular log'  format, and live in /var/log.  In a console you can generate plain text by using the clog utility, ie "clog /var/log/system.log |less".  No sense, IMHO, in copying these to a new system.

    The rrd data files are used to create the rrd graphs you may be referring to, and these live in /var/log/db.  I'm pretty sure there are ways to back up the rrd data, and I think they are moved automatically when upgrading a system, but I'm not sure of the correct way to move old data to a new install with a potentially different configuration.  They are binary, so if you are going i386 to amd64, they are not compatible.  There are ways around that, but require some manual intervention, essentially a dump & restore.  Maybe somebody can chime in with proper way to move rrd data.

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