Multi WAN with Enable default gateway switching - gateway priority

  • Hi, I have a pfSense router with multiple WAN interfaces (Ethernet and 3G) and would like to set up failover. There are also several subnets in my LAN, so there are four gateways defined:

    1. Default GW - WAN (weight 4)
    2. GW to subnet 1 (weight 1)
    3. GW to subnet 2 (weight 1)
    4. GW to 3G (weight 2)

    As I understand, the higher weight GW should get used first.

    There are also site-to-site VPN, so I need the default gateway switching. However, for some reason when the default GW goes down, pfSense always switches to "GW to subnet 1" instead of "GW to 3G".

    How do I make the router swich from Default GW to 3G instead of the internal gateways?

  • weight should be thought of as % of use in a group for round robin load balancing

  • OK, so weight setting has no effect for me (since I want failover, not load balancing). So how do I make pfSense switch from "default GW" to "3G GW" and not to "gateway to subnet 1"?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Create a gateway group with the default gateway as tier 1 and the 3g as tier 2 and the other gateways as Never.

    System > Routing, Groups

  • That didn't work, however, I figured it out and am leaving here for others with the same problem.

    I had to mark the other two gateways as "down". Static routes still work (as I intended), but now the default gw switches straight to GSM if the primary one fails.

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