VoIP calls coming to random extensions

  • I am using a hosted VoIP provider. We have two phones (two extensions) sitting behind our pfSense router. We can receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls. We can internally call the other phone's extension.

    HOWEVER, incoming calls are NOT being directed to the proper extension according to the call flow that the company hosting our VoIP has set up. In fact, they removed an extension from the call flow, but incoming calls sometimes will still ring at an extension that incoming calls are not expected to ring.

    Does anyone know what can be causing this to happen, and what settings/changes I can make to my pfSense router to fix this problem.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


  • Banned

    I cannot see how's pfSense related to your phone extensions, sorry….

  • Sounds like sip server settings issues.  Not pfsense.

  • Use packet capture and wireshark, inspect SIP packets, you should find answer there.

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