Broken dynamic dns for certain dyndns-providers

  • I am using 2 different dyndns-providers which don't have the way to get updates via transmitting an url like "" in the update-url field. My dyndns-providers use simply an url like "" (provider is using this).
    So when updating the dyndns-entry i get errors because of a missing hostname. Other entries have a field "hostname", which i need to configure the thing right.

    And here is my first question: Could you please add an entry "hostname" and maybe "port" at the "custom"-entry again? At the moment i have to edit the config-file directly which is not the way i want to use this.

    The second question: Should i make a new entry via redmine?

    example of another offending provider:
    I have an entry containing the my hostname, but it doesn't get extracted.

    I hope the info provided helps to make the thing clear.

    Thanks much in advanced!

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