What do I have… Lanner FW-7541D-RE1

  • OK - I've got this red box - and a bit of searching on the internet told me its a fancy firewall…
    Ebay - nothing
    Amazon - nothing (actually a pair of pants)
    Lanner website - its pretty much there, but the RE1 isn't..  The rest of the content on the website might as well be in Chinese type - means very little to me.

    Lanner FW-7541D-RE1 (see pics)

    So...  Big question for those in the know...

    In laymen's terms - what is it...

    I'm going to assume I'm not going to have much of a use for it...  WAY OVER MY HEAD.

    Next two questions...  Is this a craigslist item or an ebay item?  And what's a reasonable price?

  • If I had to guess, it's a custom volume product, "Red" and variant "1".  Basically, it's a 7541D that they painted.

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    Yep, Lanner do rebadging or minnor moding for a lot of other companies. Many of Watchguards boxes are Lanner though not as blatantly labelled. There were quite a few Vyatta boxes on ebay a while back that were all Lanner and still marked like this one with a slightly modified model number.
    That will be an FW-7541 with a paint job. It may have other mods though. Can you put pfSense on it? If it's locked down to the original OS it's going be worth less, worthless to me.  ;)


  • Hello,

    the FW-7541 is a Lanner device and the following D I was only seeing twice together
    at MiniITX.de as a real product name and the together with AstLinux in a documentation.
    The RE1stands only for Revision 1 of this hardware type.


  • I just noticed there's a partial logo on the front in your photo.  What company is it?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yeah I was trying to guess.  :)


  • Logo says Reliant

    I thought it was just a product logo…


    Reliant "REDBOX" makes sense now...  I got this from a failed sales office who had their hands in multi-lane retailers.

    Is there any 'simple' testing I can do with just a laptop?

    And thanx to all that responded.

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    Hard to say, I can find almost no information on it.
    Boot it up. Plug a laptop into port1. See if it gives you an IP address. Try the console port if you've got a console cable.
    If it were me I'd just open it up and flash the boot media with pfSense.


  • Is there any 'simple' testing I can do with just a laptop?

    Yeah test it right out! But before open it and se  insite for a bootmedium
    and for RAM inside. Lanner FW-7541 Website
    In the case that some things are not there you need only;
    1 x 4 GB RAM SODIMM - DDR3 667/800 MHz
    1 x Industrial CF Card 4 GB
    and perhaps a console cable from Cisco

    And perhaps if WiFI is needed a UBNT SR71-E or a Compex card.
    Under the link you will be able to see what the D means in the product name.

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