Can't boot pfsense after installing for first time

  • Hey

    I've installed pfsense 2.2.1. It runs perfectly off the live cd however after installing onto the HDD I cannot boot into it.

    I simply get F1 pfsense or F6 PXE

    If I click any of these the computer that I've install pfsense onto simply reboots.

    My Specs are

    MSI 7187 Mobo Intel Celeron D 2.5GB RAM 2TB HDD.

    If you need any other specs pls let me know :)

  • Hi
    Unfortunatelly your info is too short to point out on a unique answer.

    It can be several causes…

    Assuming the hardware is VERIFYED (full functionning with any other OS) I suggest you assume that some BIOS config could be playing against ...

    Before to choose the F1 or F6 options try to see in the other consoles (CTRL-ALT-F2 ... F3) if the boot messages point out anything.

    Usefull would be to read the /var/log/dmesg.boot file.

    This one contain the full and detailled log of ALL what is going on along the boot phase...

    If you cannot access from the console, try to access with a side tools (I suggest sysrescd ( .

    But definitively, YES, more info IS needed to not lay onto the Magicall Crystal Ball ...


  • Netgate Administrator

    You shouldn't need to do anything at that point it should auto-boot the F1 option after a few seconds. The fact that it isn't implies it's stuck there at the boot loader prompt for some reason. The most likely cause is that you have some unusual drive controller. I couldn't find anything about that board but if it has any sort of raid controller you should turn that off. Also try chaning the SATA mode. See: