Traffic through second port….

  • Hi there…
    My setup
    LAN -> My network
    WAN -> My DSL
    OPT1 -> My Cable

    I have the LAN->WAN traffic shaping on, seems to work well. Most traffic goes through DSL (unlimited BW).

    However, my DSL is slow... therefore 'Humans' want to surf and use the cable connection. I don't need cable shaped.

    I have a rule that diverts traffic from my iMac and Macbook out to my cable line. That works.

    My question is - when I'm downloading something from my iMac on the cable line, my QUEUE in the traffic shaper shows up as a lot of traffic going through (even though OPT1 is not mentioned anywhere).  However, speed is good.


    What happens when my DSL line is congested and the traffic shaper is doing its job.  When I do a big download on my cable line, since the queues fill up does that actually SLOW DOWN my DSL Line?

    Why does my LAN->OPT1 traffic appear in the queue in the first place?  Shouldn't it just be ignored? Or is it being ignored?

  • Search the forum. Shaping downstream of WAN actually happens upstream on WAN. Shaping is always applied outbound of an interface. That's why your opt1 downstream is falling into the queues at LAN as well. You should add the downstream of WAN and OPT1 as overall downstream and have as upstream the upstream speed of WAN. That works best for me using 3 wans at our office.

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