Easier to Upload New Config File Most of the time

  • I am finding it easier to take an existing config XML file and make needed changes to it like:

    Adding pass thru MACS to captive portal (cause I don't have to do them one at a time  ;D)
    Changing shaping rules  (cause I can see them all at once)

    I just use PSPad to modify an existing saved config XML, then 'restore' it to pfSense - poof all my changes are accomplished.

    Any reason I should not be doing this?

  • It requires a reboot and you have to carefully watch that you don't upload a broken config (typo) or your system might not come up properly. Besides that you are free to do so but don't cry out loud if something is not working and it turns out to be a typo in the config.xml  ;)

    Btw, pspad is great, I use it all the time  :D

  • Thanks hoba. I always keep a copy of the original "last known good" config file just in case I screw up the config file. Of course worst case scenario is a short truck roll, reinstall from scratch, upload last know good config, and we are back in business.

    I am really enjoying working with pfSense. Next project is going to be another NIC with auto-failover to our secondary WAN. If I can get that figured out properly, then it will be time to go redundant… Another pfSense box next to our existing gateway catching automatic backup of the existing, and CARP failover to it. I am sure I will have a question or two once I get into that, lol.

    You guys are doing a great job! I have recommended pfSense to quite a few other operators out there. Please keep up the support.

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