Asymmetric load balancing?

  • At work I have a pair of web servers that are load balanced behind pfSense.  This has been working very well for over a year now.

    We're about to add another server, though, with much more capacity than the existing two, and so a question arises.  Is there a way to make the load balancing pool asymmetric, in proportion to the capacity of the servers?  Since the new machine can handle more than both of the old ones combined, we'd like to send a proportionately greater amount of the traffic there.

    I suppose one workaround would be to assign the new machine three or four internal IP addresses, and add all of them to the load balancing pool as though they were separate servers.  I'm hoping there's a better way to proportion the load balancing, though.

  • Try to enter the same IP several times in the pool. Like having 1 times the IP of the weak server in the pool and 3 times the IP of the new one. That might do the trick.

  • Entering the same IP in the pool multiple times sounded like a great idea, so I tried it.  Unfortunately, the gui checks for that and won't allow it.

  • Please post the exact error message that you are receiving.

  • I get a popup (Javascript alert) saying "IP address already in list"

  • What is the filename of the form you are working with?

  • Make sure to use different monitor IP addresses. I tested this at work the other day on 1.2-release and it still worked?

  • I hadn't upgraded this particular installation from 1.0.1 yet.  I did that last night / early this morning, and it looks like entering the same IP twice works fine now :)

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