Cant change back from vlan using GUI [2.2.1]

  • Hi!

    Experimenting with VLAN and noticed that in 2.2.1 it seems that I can't change back with the GUI.
    I've got the WAN interface assigned to a device "em0". Changing it to "em0_vlan20" works. But changing back doesn't work, it's stuck on the old interface even though the change looks like it was successful.


    Making the changing with the console works as before and I succeed in changing back from the "em0_vlan20" to "em0"


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    Can you describe the exact procedure again? I can't seem to replicate it here.

    How could you tell it didn't actually work?

  • Hi!

    I changed the WAN interface to a VLAN interface. That went well. The interface was changed and the change was also visible in the console.

    I changed back to the (not) normal WAN interface. It took a little bit longer than usual and it looked like it was saved becasue the GUI reflected that the normal interface was back. But I got suspicious because I didn't get an ip-address on the wan interface. In the GUI the interface still indicated that it was the right one (not vlan interface) assigned as WAN.
    Then when I checked the console and the WAN interface was still assigned to the VLAN. Changing it back in console worked and brought full function back.

    Lost my way with words :)

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    Post screenshots, step by step what you are doing. Afraid that noone can decipher stuff like " changed back to the (not) normal WAN interface".

  • Yeah, sorry about that. I read it my self and saw how incomprehensible it is. I'll be back.

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