State table stopping SIP registration

  • Hey everyone
    I am having some issues with my asterisk box and pfSense running together. 
    I have set my asterisk box to register with my provider, and they have just moved their servers.  I can successfully register to their old server, but I can't with their new server until I flush my state table.  And then after a few minutes it stops working again until I flush the table. 
    I am currently running pfSense version 1.2-RELEASE.  I didn't have this problem with the RC I was using (RC3 I think). 
    Any advice or help would be appreciated.

  • First, there is a bug in 1.2-release that keep states even on WAN ip change, keeping a broken connection opened. If you have a dynamic IP, please read the link below (and sublinks). If you have a static WAN ip, disregard :P,8669.0.html

    Also, is it a new asterisk install? Wich version/disTRO? Did you changed version? Who is the SIP provider? Mine have a different incoming and outgoing port and IP, and asterisk 1.4 changed it's behaviour regarding that…
    Also, are you using PfSense's SIP Proxy?

  • Calling normal behavior a bug?  I don't think so.  That's the way the state table works.  You can alter the timeouts using the advanced portion of the firewall rules.

  • I have a static IP, therefore I can disregard that. 
    It is not a new asterisk install, I have been using asterisk for well over a year now.  It is plain old asterisk that I downloaded and compiled on my Slackware server.  Version was 1.4.19, but I have downgraded to and it seems better, still times out sometimes, but it has been good for the last couple days.

    Provider is icall (
    Not using the SIP Proxy, never have and never had issues.

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