How to access DSL modem's webinterface through pfSense with PPPoE on WAN?

  • The DSL modem is configured in bridge-mode to allow pfSense to do the PPPoE magic, but has a private IP on it's LAN interface ( to allow access for management through its web-interface.

    This means, on the pfSense machine the WAN interface is set to type "PPPoE", which does not allow to set an additional private IP on the WAN interface, and thus does not give any option to access the DSL modem ( through the WAN interface.

    The LAN interface of the pfSense machine gets the private IP address, and now the big question is, if there is any possible configuration to nevertheless access the DSL modem's web-interface from a machine on the LAN through pfSense.

  • Search the forum.

    There are numerous threads about this.

  • You are absolutely right, I am sorry, looks like I did not use the right search terms.

    This is what came up, so now I need to know if this is still the way to do it, and if yes, how to make that additional configuration permanent to be established on boot (I am not familiar with the way some manual additions are added to the pfSense way of system configuration).

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