6to4 periodic Reset Problem….

  • Hi,

    I know 6to4 is "recommended to be dead", but since I got only one fixed IPv4 address and none native IPv6 address, this is the only and yet fastet solution to get a large bunch of
    fast connected IPv6 ones..

    Though, I don't think the Problem has anything to do with the 6to4 mechanism.

    My Configuration:

    I got a WAN NIC on a VLAN ID 7 to connect to the VDSL Modem of my provider (it needs that, German Telekom…).
    On the vlan7 Interface I run pppoe on top of it.
    Login, IPv4 IP Adress is, everything is working fine.
    With 6to4 as  "IPv6 Configuration Type" I also get an 2002:: IPv6 Adress wich is also working fine.

    Since the German Telekom "Business Contract"  demands an automatic reconnect every 24 hours, I wanted to let the daily one happen somehere around 4 o'clock in the Morning.
    So I put the time in the "Periodic reset" fields.

    The funny thing is, the periodic reset works. The pppoe is renewed, IPv4 and IPv6 Adress on pfsense seem correct, but the something is wrong with the default IPv6 route...

    ping6 facebook.com
    PING facebook.com(edge-star6-shv-12-frc3.facebook.com) 56 data bytes
    From 2002:dead:beef::1 icmp_seq=1 Destination unreachable: No route
    From 2002:dead:beef::1 icmp_seq=2 Destination unreachable: No route

    In another posting I read that disabling the gateway monitoring should help to avoid this problem. -  but for me, it did not :-(

    The Funny thing is,  if I get into SYSTEM/ROUTING/WAN_6TO4 (default) Gateway, EDIT  and simply click "SAVE" everything works fine….

    Even more funny is, If I do not preselect the periodic reset time, so the provider "chooses one" for me, everything is working fine as well....

    Does anyone has any Idea how to solve this problem?

    Thanks a lot!



  • Banned

    Get yourself a proper tunnel. https://www.tunnelbroker.net/

  • Hi,

    my ISP will provice native ipv6 in  couple of months, so, there is no need to get any kind if -IM-proper tunnel.
    Tunnelbrokers are all (!) slower than the nativ ISP. In another router I used gogonet, HE and SIxxs - the are all slower than my 6to4 solution - and
    the not reachable-issue didnot occur once for me…..

    The point is not the tunnel, there is another bug which makes this happen - or don't you think so, then, please, explain it to me.



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