Trouble with multiple routers running multiple VPNs

  • Here is what I have/want to do:

    My internet connection comes in through an ActionTec combination modem/router, from here to the pfSense SG-2440 running version 2.2.1, then from the pfSense box to 2 different routers, each router running a different VPN. I followed the guidance in the “Use an existing wireless router with pfSense” in the How-To section, and I am able to connect to the internet using this setup, but for some reason the VPN is completely bypassed. It seems like if the end computer doesn’t get its DHCP assigned IP address from the VPN router, and instead gets it from the pfSense box (as appears to be the case in the How-To article), the VPN gets bypassed all together.

    I do not want to run the VPN service directly from the pfSense box.

    Anyone able to offer any guidance on connections, gateways, etc. to make the above setup work? Both VPN routers are running TomatoUSB.

    ActionTec Modem/Router
    To ->
    SG-2440 pfSense v. 2.2.1
    to -> TomatoUSB VPN Router 1 and to -> TomatoUSB VPN Router 2

    Thank you.

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