Migrating to new SG-2440

  • Our SG-2440 just arrived today and I am planing to decommission our old firewall (old Dell 1950 server running pfSense 2.2) and replace it with the SG-2440. I'm guessing that if I simply backup the old firewall and restore to the new then all the special tuning tweaks that were pre-installed. So is there a way to preserve those tweaks in a migration?



  • Those changes are actually all not in the config, you can restore that config as is no problem.

    The only caveats are those common to any situation where you're restoring a config to different hardware. The NICs will (probably) change identifiers, so they'll have to be reassigned. If you have a complex config, one with lagg and/or a number of VLANs, you might want to manually edit the config to do the interface reassignment.

    Make sure you don't have a custom update URL set in the config. With a 1950 that probably won't matter much since it should be running 64 bit, though that's how people end up inadvertently switching architectures with auto-update so it's always good to verify. Check that on the 1950. System>Firmware, Updater Settings tab, make sure the "Use an unofficial server for firmware upgrades" box is not checked. If it is checked, uncheck it and click Save there.

    Other than those two caveats, everything else should easily restore.

  • Thanks cmb. I'll check it out in the morning.

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