<solved>No Internet</solved>

  • Hi. Pfsense n00b needing some help. Can't get net access for starters.

    My modem ( half bridged mode ) IP is set as / ( I tried / to allow only 2 ip's but modem wouldn't accept that) The second IP was going to be used to allow access to the modem webgui from the plan - can't do that either.

    PFsense box:

    wan ip modem

    lan ip to switch

    I can ping from diagnostics, but can't ping outside.

    Edit. Ping gives me 100% packet loss.

    Tried giving wan IP, left wangw as

    I have been searching and trying other solutions I have read.

    My modem is a modem/router with voip. It apparently runs in half-bridge mode. I have disabled nat, dhcp etc and only let it connect to the net and voip server.

    Default any lan source to any destination in firewall/lan
    also added lan net to wan net.

    Probably missed something simple.

  • I don't think half-bridge will work with pfSense, I had a configuration like that due to my ISP requiring PPPoA. I changed my modem in order to manage PPPoA–>PPPoE and get full bridge (pfSense will manage PPPoE authentication).

    Said that, we need more details:

    • Modem Brand / Type
    • Connection Type
    • pfSense WAN setting (screenshot)
    • pfSense NAT outbound (screenshot)
    • pfSense Firewall (screenshot)

  • Enabled NAT on the modem and everything is working.

    What a PITA.

    Consider this thread closed.

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