When you don't find a known working 4G modem for purchase

  • Hi,

    Researching for a coming purchase. Setting up a customer with pfsense and 4G failover. Been searching for 4G modems to buy (want as high speed as possible as failover) from this list: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Known_Working_3G-4G_Modems

    However, none of them seems to be available for purchase anymore. Just compare with the list on huawei.com for available modems: http://consumer.huawei.com/en/mobile-broadband/dongles/index.htm
    Can't say I'm surprised as these modems keep coming in new models every week it seems. Makes you want to beat the concept of STANDARDS into the manufacturers, but that's another story.

    Anyone got a tip of how to make this happen? I need 4G and something that's guaranteed to work with pfsense.

  • Very easy.. Just have to touch your nose from backside of your head.. ;D

    1. Install any 4g modem on any spare pc you have.
    2. Turn on ICS.. Internet connection sharing. on that pc.
    3. Use cross cable or switch to connect your pfsense's wan interface with ICS pc LAN interface.
    4. Configure WAN interface as DHCP..
    5. Ting Ting Ting Ting Ting.. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
    6. You are ready to serve 4G internet to you LAN.

    ** I hope you should know to config the lan part… 8)
    Let me know if you success...

  • Thanks for that indeed simple solution but we also have been desperately trying to find the right 4G modem and have not yet been successfull.
    De Huawei 220 and several others worked great on 3G but nothing yet on 4G
    We want a simple clean solution without running additional PC's except maybe a 4G modem.
    Anyone has a working solution  ??


  • The Sierra MC7700 works in pfSense. it is the only known internal LTE modem i have found working. Search the forum here  for details. May need firmware flashing to work if new module. DirectIP mode needed. New modules ship in QMI mode by default. A Windows machine is required to flash. You need sim slot based computer as well to flash…

    Also this suggestion is based on GSM networks. ATT particularly.

  • Some users here are using external usb cellular modems. Like the Verizon jetpack, No drivers needed. Also sierra makes a commercial modem the Sierra Airlink GX450.

    I recently bought modules from this guy and they were already DirectIP working in pfSense. I can't guarantee they all are DIP mode. . You also need to deal with your carrier for valid sim/plan


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