Did 2.2.1 change something substantial concerning dhcp/wan ?

  • Hy,
    I run my pfsense box behind a cable modem which is nating. since the update to 2.2.1 i have severe problems on the wan interface which directly connects to the cable modem - i get timeouts and ~ 2 sec delay on http requests,  etc - its not dns, thats working correctly (dig resolves in some ms).

    did something in 2.2.1 change so that makes a  configuration adaption necessary, so i get a hint where to look?

    i also have a second interface, that is a vpn connection to a remote gateway -  when i go over the vpn interface everything is fine, just as before the update. so for now i dont use the direct wan interface, but the vpn interface. makes me wonder if 2.2.1 changed the way its adressing wan requests, maybe my modem dont like them anymore..

  • I have been experiencing this for a while as well.  Really thought it was crappy Safari on OS X so I have been looking there, but FF seems to have the same issue. I can load 100s of pages then all of a sudden one just doesn't respond. I can stop and refresh the browser and it sometimes works sometimes it take a a few reloads.

    I am on 2.2.2.

    Did you ever find an answer?

  • not really, i got so used to use the tunneled connection i did only try once or two times and it was gone, i think my provider does strange things.

  • Do you see anything being block in the firewall rules?

    If things are slow, but work, and your dig is taking a long time, it could be a DNS-related issue.  Normally, your DNS query will go to the first DNS server and if that times out, it'll go to the next and so forth.  So there could be a DNS issue with the first (or second) server listed.

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    what are you using for dns, forwarding or the resolver?  Are you using dnssec if using the resolver?  There is one site I frequent that just doesn't really resolve very quickly..  With a short ttl.. So if have not hit the site in awhile, sometimes the first hit doesn't work and have to refresh browser because it is taking longer than normal to resolve via resolver.

    This can be somewhat misleading to find because by time you look its resolved and cached..  So it doesn't jump out that its dns related.

    As a side note - since your behind a nat, your cable "gateway" - modem to me screams no nat.. Ie my cable "modem" sb6120 doesn't do nat.. Modems don't do nat, gateways/routers do nat.  If you call it a cable "modem" I would think your not doing nat and getting public on pfsense wan.

    Also on your dns if using forwarder are you pointing to the isp box for your dns, or directly to isp/public dns?