PFSense Ipsec failover: newbie needs help

  • I have installed pFsense on 2 ALIX box, both with 3 ethernet ports (LAN,WAN,OPT1).  I will have 2 active internet connections on each of the pFsense box,  one for active internet/vpn the other for failover.

    Each of the ALIX box will have an ADSL connection with a static IP, failover will have PPoE with static IP (can I use PPoE?) if not this can always change to a cable static IP.

    - LAN -
        ALIX_1 (pfsense)
      |            |
    ISP1        ISP2
    Master      Failover 
    WAN        OPT1
      |              |     
      |              |
    (  Internet    )
      |              | 
      |              |
    ISP3          ISP4
    MASTER    Failover
    WAN          OPT1
        ALIX_2 (pfsense)
        - LAN -

    I have searched the threads on this forum, and have looked at the guides available on this site but still have not come with a detail setup guide.  If anyone has a similar setup or any insight on this setup, please give me a brief tutorial on where to start.

    Thanks in advance.

  • PPPoE will only work on the original WAN interface, not on OPTs. If you have the option to get static IPs there I would rather use that instead of PPPoE.

    IPSEC-failover is not possible.

    For normal traffic just create a failoverpool at services>loadbalancer, type failover and enter the gateways in the order you want them to be used. Then reference this pool in your firewallrules.

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